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Emails, Flower and Gift Delivery, Discount AirLine Tickets and more...

Bridesofukraine is a full service Marriage agency that provides a wide range of services such as introductions and personal correspondence, travel services and advice connected with marriage to a certain person you have met. Here you will also find services for gifts like perfumes, stuffed animals, chocolate, fruits and flowers.

E-mail letter and translation services

Your communication with the ladies of our agency will be confidential. The Email letter and translation service includes individual translation from English into Russian or Ukrainian of each letter and vice versa. This service guarantees the delivery of your letters to your lady quickly and efficiently. You want the ladies you write to receive your letters quickly, our offices work 7 days a week, we will inform your lady about your letter by the telephone and you will then receive a response within a reasonable amount of time. Usually this is about 1 to 5 days. The cost of sending your letters is $5.50 (US). The cost of each e-mail transaction will be debited from your account. All e-mails can contain a max 3000 characters.

5 Credits $22.50  |  10 Credits $42.50  |  25 Credits $100.00  |  50 Credits $187.50  |  100 Credits $350.00

Flowers and Gifts

You can always make presents and give flowers! By doing this you'll prove to your lady that you really appreciate her. Any woman in Ukraine will love it for sure. It is the most traditional but still the best way to your lady's heart. If you want to tell her about your feelings and say more than mere words, just present her a bouquet of flowers. Just visit our gifts gallery to surprise your beautiful lady. Even though you may be thousands of miles away from your beloved. All you need to do is choose your gifts, Our service will save you time and you can be sure that your special woman will get your present on the day you choose, whether it's her birthday, a holiday, or simply your desire to surprise her. To place an order login to your account.

Sending Photos

You can send your pictures to our office. They will be printed on (8 x 11) high-resolution (720 DPI) photo paper (The size is 100 KB maximum per photo). We will personally deliver the photo or photos. In addition, your lady may send photos to you (at your cost). We will professionally screen her photos and e-mail them to you. Please upload your photo(s) in my photo album and specify the ladies number you wish to send your photo(s) to in the text of your e-mail.


Videos of the ladies

We've added video biographies to our website. With this new option, our member's have access to our "video library". This is where, you will be able to see and hear the lady of your choice, as if she were in the same room with you. During this streaming video, she will tell you a little about herself, so that you may experience a preview of a one on one meeting with her. You can download a streaming video, ranging from 2-4 minutes (of each lady) to your computer...

Video approx. 2-4 minutes each. Price $6.00

Custom Videos

You've found your special lady on the website and you would like to ask some personal questions, All you need to do is prepare a list of questions for us to personally ask the lady of your choice. We will invite her into one of our offices and our Staff/Translator (if required) will ask her your questions. This personalized streaming video will be produced in confidence and placed into your Video profiles for your private viewing. This video will only be accessible to you. Feel free to ask your lady any questions you like! ( Contact us at to place an order.)
(When you place your order Send us the lady's ID number and your questions you want to ask).

1 Custom video $49.95

Reverse Introduction

All our ladies would be happy to receive letters and other information from our men clients with the reverse introduction. This let them know more about you and see your personal pictures. You must provide us with your biographical data of your life, career, home, etc. and four personal photos. We will then have it available for your chosen lady(s).We will professionally translate your letter(s) and contact your chosen ladies to pick-up their special package from you. To start this service, please pay for it on our site, then send us all your information and four photos along with a list of lady(s) who you want to receive your package.

Reverse intro to 1 lady $15.00
Reverse intro to 5 ladies $ 50.00
Reverse intro to 10 ladies $100.00

Telephone Calls

You can call or write to us by e-mail to set up a meeting by telephone, We will contact the lady, set up the best time for both parties to talk and provide a translator if necessary. This does not include the cost of telephone call, which you will have to initiate. Our office provides a confidential environment for you to talk freely. If you want to hear her sweet voice or get answers to important questions, this service is for you!

Phone call 30 minutes $45.00

Web Camera Chat

Web-cam chats are now a very popular way of allowing you and your lady to communicate and see each other live while you speak...
Web-Camera Conversation - If you desire more than correspondence with your lady or simply want to verify that your lady is truly the one responding to you emails, your lady can come to our office and you can actually see, hear and speak with her via a Skype or Windows Live Messenger Web Cam Session. You must have the latest version of Windows Live Massager which is video and audio enabled. You must also have an MSN "Hotmail" account or other MSN enabled email address to submit before Windows Live Messenger will work. To download Windows Live Messenger and obtain a MSN enabled "Hotmail" account, just visit To get the full effect (and so your lady can also see and here you), we suggest that you buy a web cam and microphone of your own. However, you can still see and hear your lady through MSN Messenger, even if you prefer to only instant message her or if you only have a microphone. You can sign up for a Web Cam call with your special lady by logging into your account and clicking the little Web Cam icon under her picture. You will then be directed to a Web Cam time request form to fill out. Make sure to include your MSN enabled email address or SKYPE ID so that we can "invite" you to the video session at the time the Web Cam session is scheduled.

Cost $45.00 for 30 minutes

Custom Photo Shoot

While corresponding with your lady you may want to have new pictures of her from time to time. You can order the photos and tell us about where you like them taken. (For example, in a studio or outside on the streets of her city with a background of some local monuments, parks, landscapes and so on.) The photos will be taken by a professional photographer and will be delivered to you as soon as they are ready! All the pictures that are done for you will belong to you only. Before ordering this service, please ask your lady if she would like to take part in the photoshoot!

25 Custom photos $185.00

Newspaper Individual Search

There are so many beautiful Russian and Ukrainian ladies published on our web site as well as at hundreds and thousands of other similar dating sites. Sometimes you see a wonderful girl of your dreams among them and she is so beautiful that you realize that you are not the only one wanting her. Even if she replies your letter you always wonder how many men she is corresponding with now besides you. Yes, you have chances with her but very small. Individual search is based on the search for ladies who either don't have access to the Internet or who are too shy or busy to come to a Marriage or Dating agency for services Individual search will concentrate the attention of hundreds of such ladies on you. And you will have less competitors or no competitors at all.

How does it work? You send us your ad and tell us your preferences.

  • We publish your ad with or without a photo in 2-3 several most popular newspapers. In your ad we give the postal address of the agency as well as our e-mail address. To increase your chances you can give your e-mail address in your ad, if you want, and English-speaking ladies who have access to Internet will write to you directly.
  • As soon as we begin getting postal letters from the ladies addressed to you, we select the letters from the ladies who come up to your criteria. We translate the letters and scan the photos. We send you the translated letters by e-mail along with photos.
  • You choose from the ladies we sent to you and write them replies. We translate your letters into Russian and forward them to ladies.
  • After several letters you will probably narrow your search and hopefully will choose your one and only among these ladies
Individual Search $350.00

Personal Introductions

You can meet any lady from the web-site, no matter if you have been corresponding with her before or you are in a town at the moment. We will help and support you during this process of finding a woman you really want to meet. We will organize appointments with ladies who are registered in our date base. And you can meet as many ladies as you want for a fee of $70.00 dollars per lady. You will need to come to our office or our affiliates offices in other cities in Ukraine. Where our staff will ask you to fill out an application form so that we know the best way to introduce you to our ladies we will advice you which lady will be the best choice for you, who would be your perfect match in our opinion. We then arrange an appointment for you with the lady or ladies you would like to meet.

Introduction fee $70.00

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