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Personal Meetings and Pre-Arranged introductions

Introductions are arranged and made in our office. The meetings are scheduled for that evening or when the lady you choose is available, once arranged a prominent and easy to find location is agreed on and your contact telephone will be given to the lady and if required the interpreter also. It is important to note that previous correspondence with a particular lady is not required.

How we arrange your meeting with the lady, we will require a photo and information about you from that point we then telephone the lady or ladies of your choice and give her your photo and information .If she likes what she hears and agrees we then arrange an appointment for you to meet. If you have already communicated with a lady on our site, then it is simply a matter of us arranging a mutually agreeable time of a meeting for you two. If the lady's conversational English is poor we will provide one of our interpreters. If you speak Russian fluent or the lady speaks fluent English there will be no interpreters required

Conditions for Personal Meetings are as follows:

  • Only Bridesofukraine translators may be used for the first meeting. This is primarily for the woman's security. We use only female translators as our women feel more relaxed with them. Clients can be reassured that our translators have a wealth of experience and are experts at ensuring that the meetings are conducted in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. At the conclusion of the meeting they can be relied on to give you invaluable feedback of the lady's interest in you. Contact information for future meetings should be exchanged at your first meeting if you and the lady have interest in future meetings.
  • Fees are paid in advance
  • Price per introduction is $70
  • Interpreters fees are $15 to 20 dollars per hour (depends on language for translation)
    If the lady you choose can speak your language or you speak fluent Russian no Interpreter will be required.
  • Cancelled meetings: Fee refunded subject to 24 hours notice being given or lady was not able to make your meeting.

Pre-Arranged introductions before you Arrive

If you are like most men, then you would like to have an idea of what ladies you are going to meet before you actually make a trip to Ukraine. You would like to know for sure if you will really be able to meet the ladies with whom you have been corresponding. With most sites this is impossibility. We understand that most men will have several women with whom they have been corresponding for several months that they absolutely want to meet. If this is the case, no problem! That is why we offer Pre-Arranged Introductions.

We contact the ladies before you arrive letting her know that you desire a One-on-One meeting with her. She can then accept or decline a meeting with you and then you will know for sure if you will meet that particular lady on your trip. Don't be one of the countless men who have gone to Ukraine expecting to meet the lady with whom you have been corresponding for months only to be stood up or unable to arrange a meeting with her.

The goal of any good Introduction service or website featuring ladies for correspondence should be to introduce you to quality, honest and sincere ladies that are looking for the same thing that you are, a mate for life. They should especially be able to arrange meetings with the ladies on their site. Unfortunately, with most of the larger and more popular sites at the forefront of the "Russian Bride" industry today, that is not the case. It is left up to you to arrange your own meetings through correspondence.

If you are currently considering going on tour with a website that claims you can meet the ladies on their site ask them the following: "Can you arrange meetings with the ladies with whom I have been corresponding before I go so that I will have an idea which ladies I will meet while I am in Ukraine?" If the answer is, "Invite them to the social" or "Our hospitality Suite will help you once you get there" or "You must set up your own meeting through your correspondence," then your chances of actually meeting the ladies with whom you are corresponding are not good. Most men who have gone over with a large "social" tour like this have found that meeting the ladies that you have been writing to at a social or through a hospitality suite easier said than done. Since these sites are not real introduction services and they merely buy the pictures and information of the ladies featured on their site from both verified and unverified sources, they do not know these ladies any better than you do. If a hospitality suite staff is trying to arrange dates for you, they are simply calling a phone number that is listed in their database. They have no more way of knowing if this lady is legitimate than you do.This is not the case with Bridesofukraine .

Personal Meetings and Pre-Arranged introductions

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