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Ukrainian Women - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

I am interested in finding Ukrainian wife through internet. Can you tell me what to do ?

First of all we would advise you to read about finding a Russian wife - "it is time/ effort/ emotions/ stress/ money consuming process. It is expensive, time consuming, stressful. Western and European men are targeted by gold diggers. You must not kid yourself that it is simple, quick, cheap and easy. It is NOT. But the rewards are huge!" We would advise you to search for information on how to marry a Russian bride; our web-site pages deal on some of the topics. Please look in our articles section for information on Ukrainian women.

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Why are Ukrainian women so popular ?

Because unlike western women. Women from Ukraine are not spoiled and they do not have unrealistic expectations about life. They are instead seeking faithful, loving men, who live in countries where there are better economic conditions. If you treat these women with respect they will make you feel like a king.

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Why are Ukrainian women so desirable ?

Ukrainian women are down to earth, highly educated, family oriented and not ruined by unreasonable expectations associated with western women. Age difference is not an issue with them. Eastern European women are very mature for their years and view older men as more reliable, stable and secure. They are looking for what all people are looking for: good living conditions and a person to love them.

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In replies to letters thru the agency some of your women mention that they don't speak English at all. So it's very difficult for me to continue corresponding all these letters.

We can understand your disappointment, but this is why Russian and ukrainian women register with the agency: they NEED our services on translation and mail forwarding, and since foreign men pay for the services, women don't. There are, of course, women in our catalog who know English enough for direct correspondence, you can use our search engine and set it to search women with good or fluent English. Nowadays there are more and more Ukrainian women with good English and some knowledge of computer placing their ads on the Internet themselves, you can browse some free web-sites, but be aware of dishonest girls who are in the internet to hunt for money. As long as you correspond through the agency we guarantee that you are not asked for money to pay for translation, internet cafe, agency services, etc. - all services of our marriage agency are free for women.

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Are these women for real ?

Yes, all the women on our site are actively trying to find a foreign partner for marriage or a long term relationship. We ask all of our ladies, on a regular basis, if they wish to be removed from our database so we only list the women who are actively looking for a partner.

I have seen a few women in your agency that I have also seen on other Russian brides sites, why ?

We do not forbid our ladies to be clients of different marriage agencies and dating services in their native cities as we can't deprive them of their right to choose, and thus one women can be a client of all marriage agencies in Odessa and other cities in Ukraine.

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How do I know if these women are alone, without boyfriend, lovers and want serious relations for marriage.

We can only promise that women in our agency are not married - this information is given in the woman's passport - if she has never been married there is no stamp in woman's Ukrainian or passport, if she is divorced, there is a stamp about her marriage and divorce. We can't check "unofficial" relations of are women - boyfriends, lovers, etc., and if a girl is in relations and comes to us it means her relations are not serious. Women come to us because they WANT TO GET MARRIED, and consider a marriage agency to be a good chance to meet reliable man for love, romance, serious relations and marriage.

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The woman I contacted didn't send me her postal address, even though I mentioned a meeting in my next travel there.

You should make a difference between "postal address" and "address to visit". Usually a Ukrainian woman does not tell everyone that she is in a marriage agency and searching for a foreign husband. All though marriages are quite popular now, there still is a stereotype: "if you can't find a good husband in your city and go to a marriage agency - you are a looser". Also, mass media has cultivated negative reactions about marriage agencies among common people - there is a belief that marriage agencies sell prostitutes abroad. We have had several women who quarreled with their relatives about being our client, and had to stop their search for a foreign husband. So, when you are planning to visit, be sure to inform women about the dates when you come, and better contact the women through the agency. If you ask us to call several girls and inform them that you will arrive soon it will not be much bother, we would be glad to help you.

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It seems that the most attractive women who write to me have the same style of photos; they are all made with a white background. This is usually done only for professional models and not regular women who work for a living. The quality of the photo depends on different things:

  • How much money the women is willing to spend on photos
  • If a girl is/was a model (professional or not professional; nowadays in Ukraine there are many the so-called "model schools" which girls of 15-20 attend, they have some lessons and photo-sessions
  • The local marriage agency the lady is from. We have a deal with a photographer who takes all the photos for our girls with a discount, or we take there pictures of free of charge for those women who can not afford them

    You are wrong thinking that professional photos are made only for professional models: Ukrainian women understand that the first impression you, foreign men, get about a woman is from the photos in her profile in our catalog, and if the picture is of low quality you may not write her back. If a woman is serious she will go to a professional photographer and get professional photos taken. And later on, while exchanging letters, she can send you her "amateur" photos.
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Why do Ukrainian woman search for a foreign husband ? What age difference would you say is acceptable between foreign men and Ukrainian women ?

Traditionally, in Ukraine people get married at a young age, and usually the age of partners approximately the same, with 1-2 year difference. But if we talk about international marriages and age difference between foreign men and Ukrainian women we should take into consideration several factors. First of all, men in the West since young age concentrate on the career, and only after 30 they start thinking seriously about marriage and family. Many foreign men of 35-45 say they have never been married and decided to create a family, when in Ukraine by this age men have been married and divorced (some several times) or live in marriage, and have children of 15-20 years old. So, the first factor why women of 20-25 say they would be interested in men of 35-45 is their understanding that in the West younger men are not ready for creating a family. Then, a woman would move to a foreign country, where the only person she would rely on and be supported by will be her husband. So, Ukrainian women expect more stability, support, care from older men, more experienced and those who know what women want. The third factor would be the following: foreign men live active and healthy life - they visit gym regularly, mostly do not have bad habits as alcohol, smoking and using drugs, and take care of themselves. So, at the age of 45 they look, feel and act like Ukrainian men look at 30. At the same time women get serious and mature earlier than women in the West - their life is harder, they have to start working at early age, and often a girl of 18-19 studies and works the same time to pay for her studies and living (but, of course, there are infantile women at the age of 30 even...). Add to all said factors of Russian psychology: a woman should be married, not married woman is considered inferior to a married woman (even if the marriage of the latest is not happy); and social studies showing that in Russia/Ukraine there are more women than men. As a conclusion, women want to get married and they have more chances to find a husband abroad through marriage agency than in their native city.

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Why so many women write you first

It is the standard procedure for both men and women at the beginning of correspondence to list a brief description of themselves either in an online catalog or on a website, and then write a personable, but rather general "letter of introduction" where they describe themselves, their character, hobbies and interests, their life in some detail, what they are looking for in a mate, etc. The men and women both address these letters to each person they are sending it to and they personalize them to a small degree, but they are general letters, in which both men and women are trying to give more information about them than is listed in the brief paragraph in their posting. The only objectives of introductory letters are to show potential interest in a person to whom this letter is addressed and tell more about oneself. Men send copies of their introductory letters to many Russian women, and women send copies of their introductory letters to many foreign men. Once both people have a better idea of who they are dealing with, then they can decide to begin personal correspondence. If you have your ad published in the Gentlemen's Catalog you will certainly get letters from Russian and Ukrainian women who liked you and decided to initiate correspondence with you. If you receive such "introductory letter" from a Ukrainian woman - it is her way of showing interest in you and this letter is sent to only to men a girl chooses in the catalog.

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Top Mistakes western and European men make with Ukrainian Women

As an Australian who lives in Ukraine and has been involved in this business for over 6 years now I can tell you the top mistakes American and all western men make when searching for a wife in Ukraine or any foreign country.

These are not listed in any order of importance but they all have equal weight:
You're not committed and have no future plan on visiting Ukraine

Having a pen pal is great for some but most Russian and Ukrainian women do not see a purpose in having a pen pal when their goal is marriage.

Large age gap between you and the Ukrainian or Russian women you're communicating with

Try to stay within 15 years of your age unless the lady is in her 30's. You will have a higher rate of success.

You're not consistent with your communication and your intent.
Russian and Ukrainian women will drop you if they think you do not know what you want. They are not interested in wasting their time with men who cannot make a decision.

You project an attitude that women will jump at the chance to marry you.
You project an attitude that women will jump at the chance to marry you and think your god's gift to women.

You do not see your relationship as being 50/50
Like all women Ukrainian and Russian women like equality and respect. If you're not willing to be a true partner with your wife you should think about remaining single.

Introduction letters fails to gain the ladies attention
It's rare that Ukrainians and Russians will do anything without a purpose. If you are writing to a lady make sure you know your purpose then make sure she knows your purpose. Ukrainian women do not make good pen pals. Always make sure you have a photo of yourself in your profile. Your response rate will be much higher then not having a photo at all.

You expect a lady to stay interested in writing you for many months
Most ladies will correspond for 4-6 months if they have interest. After 4-6 months they start to believe your all talk and start to lose interest. Make sure you have a plan to meet them within a reasonable time. What is a reasonable time? Ask your lady. Most will not last 8-10 months writing so keep that in mind? Also the length of time you write someone is not important nor does it mean that your relationship is any stronger. 2 months to 5 months. How much can you really talk about in letters?

Most ladies will correspond for 4-6 months if they have interest. After 4-6 months they start to believe your all talk and start to lose interest. Make sure you have a plan to meet them within a reasonable time. What is a reasonable time? Ask your lady. Most will not last 8-10 months writing so keep that in mind? Also the length of time you write someone is not important nor does it mean that your relationship is any stronger. 2 months to 5 months. How much can you really talk about in letters?

Ukrainian women tend to be very private and reserved about their inner feelings. Most ladies will not talk about these types of in depth feelings in an email regardless if they can read / write in your native language. This is one of the big cultural differences between Ukrainian and western cultures.

I have known men who have been writing for 6-8 months before visiting their soon to be wife. After 4 hours of their first meeting they knew they were not for each other. Personalities, appearance, general views on life were different and it's extremely hard to know everything about someone from just writing letters. Both parties start to form perceptions of each other and when you meet in person they can be disappointed to find out this person is not the person they have envisioned.

There are those who will be successful but there is luck involved and when you meet someone in person you will learn more about them in a few hours than you can write letters for many months. Letters are a tool that you use in your search.

You're just looking for a girlfriend and not a lifetime partner.
Most Ukrainian ladies will end their correspondence if they are looking for a serious man and your not. If you're serious about your search then let the lady know this. Actions speak louder than words, remember this. Ukrainian women are use to hearing a lot of promises so if you promise something then do it.

You tell western style jokes that are not humorous to Ukrainian and Russians.
Russian jokes are not too funny for westerners nor is western jokes funny for Ukrainians. Most of the time Ukrainians will be offended by western jokes since most western jokes tend to be sarcastic in nature. Avoid being a comedian. Test the waters while you're alone if you feel you need to be humorous. Make sure you give yourself time to explain the joke then more time to apologize if they still do not find your humor.

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