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Technical Problems Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password! How do I retrieve it?

You can easily retrieve your password from the "forget password" form. All you need is to enter your 4 digit UserID code and all registration information will be sent to your e-mail address. If you do not receive it, please, contact us: it is possible that the system wouldn't recognize you User id OR there are certain e-mail filters for your regular email address and you just do not receive the letter our program sends you in reply to your request.

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I have gone to your web site, and asked you to send me my password. And each time I never receive it.

The only possible problem is e-mail filters for your regular email address and you just do not receive the letter our program sends you in reply to your request. (Please check your spam filter on the account)

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Every time I input my log in details to view my messages it keeps on going back to my log in details.

Our web-site uses "cookies". If you are not able to work with your account and return to the login page, the solution is setting the correct "level of security" for cookies: set the security to allow ALL cookies from this site. The same problem may be caused by settings of the proxy-server.

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I have tried to forward the following letter through your email forwarding system. When I hit the send button, there is no indication that the mail went through and there is no deduction from my credits. Can you tell me what I did wrong?

The problem is that part of your letter is in Russian, and due to the wrong settings for the encoding each Russian letter acquires several digits code. We advise you to send your letters in English, all your letters are translated for girls.If you still have this issue please send an e-mail to

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I have tried to watch a video, but nothing came on.

To view the video you should have a flash-player installed. Please, download the newest version of the program from . also please make sure that your account has credits on it.

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