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Photos Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to send additional photos to a lady ! How can I get them?

For additional photos, you can exchange them through our web-site, You can send 2 photo's with every letter you send a lady if you wish to at no extra charge. The details on the size limit of a photo can be found in the letter sending area next to the photo uploading box's.

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Why are some of the women's photos normal looking photos and some are professional model photos?

The quality of the photo depends on many different things:

  • How much money the girl is ready to spend on photos
  • If a girl is or was a model (professional or not professional; nowadays in Ukraine there are a lot of so-called "model schools and agencies which girls from 15-20 attend, they have some lessons and photo-shots)
  • The agency usually advises a woman to go to a photographer who takes good photos...
  • You are very mistaken if thinking that professional photos are made only for professional models: Ukrainian women understand very well that the first impression a man gets about them is from the pictures he see's and if the picture is of low quality you may not write back. If she is serious she will go to a professional photographer and have professional photos taken. And later on, while you are exchanging letters, she can send standard photos, made by friends or family at the beach, home etc .
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Can I email ladies without posting my photo to the men's catalog?

You are allowed the use of our services without posting a photo. However, we strongly recommend that you upload good quality photos into your profile when you register. If women can see your photo they are more likely to become interested in you. Good quality photographs are very important for you to see her as well as for her to see you.

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Can I send a photo attached with my e-mail?

You can actually send 2 photo's with your letters to women for free by using our e-mail forwarding system, You will find the photo uploading in the letter sending area.

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How can I upload my pictures?

You can upload photos directly from within your Profile. You must have a digital picture file you can access from your computer, which would either be via scanner, camera, or file. It must be a digital image and must be in JPEG format. Just log into your Profile and click my profile to "Upload Your Photos".

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How can I change the pictures in my profile?

Click My Profile and Just Upload a photo to the box of the photo you wish to replace.

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How do I post photo(s) and profile with biographical information?

Once you have signed up (posted your FREE profile) you will receive your Login and Password allowing you access to your Member Area where you add details to your profile (optional) and upload your photo(s).

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How I would go about receiving additional photos from a woman I am writing to through your agency?

The woman brings the photos to our agency, She informs us that the she wants to send additional photos to a certain man, we then attach the photo's to her current letter to you.You may also order a package of photos of your lady through our services section

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Some women have asked me if I could send those photos through postal mail. Why did they ask me to do that?

When some women ask this of you they want more photos of you to know how you look in real life - one photo in the profile is not enough. You should also ask them to send more pictures. Be sure, girls bring the best pictures they have, what you see is usually the best she can look, in real life she is different. Exchange as many pictures as possible not to get shock when you come to meet the girl. Men love with their eyes, and if for you it is really important that the girl should be very beautiful, ask her for different pictures in natural surrounding. To return to your question why they ask for your pictures ? in too many cases when some men place photos with there profile there photos are taken 10-20 years ago. We can make sure that the women pictures are real to life, but we can't make sure the man looks the same as in the pictures. Many times we have had men that have come to see the women they are writing and she has rejected them because HE LOOKED ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT FROM THE PICTURES IN HIS PROFILE. These Men blame our agency and say "you girls are not serious, she didn't want marriage, she said she liked me, and now she rejected". Of course - she was waiting for the man whose picture she saw in the profile, and here came someone different. A man's appearance can usually be less important as long as he is seriousness, reliability and cares, but the shock when she sees this man for the first time in real life affects the relations they both had built during correspondence. Take it into consideration.(Be honest with your photos also and don't lie about your age)

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I would like more then 15 photos of my lady! How can I order them?

Please send us an e-mail with the ladies ID and a request to purchase a photo session for the lady, we will the orginaze the session and send you a request for payment. For more details you can send your request marked Photo Shoot to

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