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Payment Frequently Asked Questions

What do I pay for using this site?

You pay for every letter from a woman you open, every letter you send to a woman, you also pay for all gift and flowers you order along with other services you wish to use.

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How will it cost me?

You purchase Credits. You can purchase as many credits as you like so that you do not have to use your credit card each time you want to send or receive e-mails Your account is debited for each e-mail. You can view a history of your credit activity at any time in the "Payment History" section of your account. The price for 1 Credit (consequently, cost of a letter, an additional photo ) depends on how many Credits you buy at one time - the more credits you buy at once, the less sending and opening a letter, will cost you - Please, consult our price list for more details.

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Why do you charge men $ 5.00 to open emails from women?

There are many other agencies that allow free correspondence so why would I use your agency? I've seen a few women on your site that I'm interested in, but I'm not going to pay 5.00 to write them an email. You should allow for free correspondence and focus on booking tours for the men and make your money that way. You can reduce the price of the letters by buying multiple credits; this will reduce the price of the letter to, besides the cost of translation is included. If our services are expensive for you, you can search for a cheaper web-site that offer you unlimited correspondence ( like dating sites and membership personals) for a small monthly membership fee, but take into consideration that free web-sites are not free of scammers and a lot of them are the scammers themselves ( we have caught a few sites our selves stealing photos from us )- women place their profiles there themselves, via internet, and no one checks women's identity; As for the focusing on the tours we do not run Social tours as they are not the way to meet a women also personal tours are not big business and I have staff that needs to make a living, That's why we choose "pay-per-letter" work and personal services in stead of organizing tours

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How do I keep track of my account Balance?

The Balance of your account is displayed on the "welcome" page (the first page you see right after you log in into your account). Every letter you write or read,every credit you spend is reflected in your "payment history" - you can check it any time you like

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How do I pay ?

You can pay for our services using your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex and discover card). Do not be worry about using your credit card online - we accept payments with Multicards and 2 Checkout - choose the one that suits you better. If it would be more convenient for you, you can also pay by money transfer (Western Union, Money Gram) Contact us for details on making payments that way..

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Is it possible to send money by Wire Transfer to your Bank account?

YES, it is possible to send money to our Bank account, the other alternative is to make payments using Western Union or Money Gram. Please note that credits will not be added to your account till payments sent this way are received.

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I want to pay for your service through Western Union or Money Gram, because I am afraid to give my bank account details to a Ukrainian bank.

If it would be more convenient for you, you can pay by money transfer (Western Union, Money Gram). Again Contact us for details on making payments This way.Please note, when you use a credit card on-line you do not give your details to a Ukrainian bank. You pay through secure payment server like Multicards or 2 Checkout our Credit card processor's from the Netherlands and the USA they are both VeriSign safe!!

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I have paid for sending e-mails, but I have "no credits available" Why?

The orders are processed automatically and funds are added to your account. The system recognizes you (the customer) by the e-mail address you registered with. If, when filling in the order form you gave a different e-mail address, the program notifies the web-site administrator that "the client was not found". In this case we find you by name and address and add funds to your account manually.

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It seems to me that I am being deducted 2 credits for each letter i send, when it should be one.

That is not possible - the system works automatically. The credits are deducted automatically for each letter you read and each letter you send. Besides, every letter you send or read is recorded in your payment history. But If you find out that you were charged twice for the same letter. please contact us - we will check and refund the credit if you where charged for duplicate letters.

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When I open a letter and read it I am charged a credit. Ok, but if I close it and decide to answer it later will I be charged again for the same letter?

Never. If you opened a letter once, the status of the letter is changed to "opened" and you will never be charged for reading it again.

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How long will it take for credits to be added to my account if I use western union or MoneyGram?

It will take about 6 to 12 hours for this because of time differences between Ukraine and other countries and are only added during normal Business and office hours. (Because we need to go pick up the money)

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