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Marriage Agency Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about BridesofUkraine?

Bridesofukraine agency presents photos and profiles of beautiful marriage minded Ukrainian and Russian women from Ukraine, who are seeking foreign men for serious relationships and marriage. Our web-site is owned by an Australian that lives in Odessa Ukraine. Our office is located in Odessa, Ukraine. Our agency not only gives you a great opportunity to browse Ukrainian women on-line, but also to establish contact with them and form serious relations with them. Our agency web-site is the means for foreign men to get in contact with single women who search for their husband abroad. We help you to initiate relationships by delivering your letters fast and secure, guarantee gift delivery and any help, support and advise you might need. We are serious about helping are clients find the partner of there dreams.

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Where do I start?

The best place to begin your search is with our Ukrainian womens catalog. Here you will see all of our current ladies with there personal information as well as their photos. For detailed searches, you can use our many Search options to narrow your selection by any number of different criteria's.

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How can I contact your agency?

We ask you to use the "contact us" page or our account - we prefer to communicate with you by e-mail as it is easier to track all letters and find all necessary information this way. If you are a registered user, please, contact us through the Support Center inside your account. You can also call our office in Odessa and inform us about any problems you may have. Some questions can't be answered right away over the phone, especially if you inquire about letters deliveries or about our ladies.

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What services do you provide your clients?

We provide a place for marriage minded foreign men and Ukrainian women to place their profiles and information - we have an on -line women's catalog for foreign men to browse and choose the Ukrainian women they would like to contact. we also give foreign men an opportunity to place their own profile and photos in our men's catalog, where single women can initiate contact with them, we also help you to establish contact with the Ukrainian or russian women you like - you can send email's through the system, order flower and gift deliveries. Your letters are translated into Russian (if she doesn't know English well enough to understand your letter without translation) and delivered to the woman personally. We also have many other services to help you in your search for your future Ukrainian bride.

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Is your agency serious and are the contacts real ? Can the ladies read, write, and make meetings with the man that she wants to meet ?

YES, we are a serious, this is our business, and we have invested time and money in to it and know that only honest work will bring us profit in the future. How we work is as follows: we have a web-site and attract male-clients, who are searching for a bride; we place advertisements in Odessa and other cities, women come to our office, fill in the application, bring photos or we take there photos we check the women's identity, marital status by her passport and we then place them on line for you to write and meet.

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There are a lot of free dating services, why should I pay you for e-mail forwarding with a person I have never met. Corresponding with a Ukrainian woman is just a scam to make me send her money.

Your risk of being scammed by a woman advertising herself on a free date site is huge. We are a legitimate and professional agency and always screen the ladies we have. We place the women on our site only after they have been interview by a manager and verification of her documents was done. In our office we have the passport copy of every lady we present and can prove that she is single. If there is strong proof a lady is dishonest, we remove her immediately. Anyway you won't get a wife for nothing. If you prefer to correspond with ladies in order to establish an effective contact before visiting them in Ukraine, you must be ready for some expenses.

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Do you pre-screen the ladies?

Every Lady on our website was carefully selected for her beauty, sincerity and knowledge of the English language. We do not concentrate on just ladies of the "elite class" - (models, for example), instead our goal is to introduce you to women of substance and values, with middle and upper class family backgrounds, who are as sincere about meeting you as you are about meeting them. Our staff always treats our ladies with dignity and respect and we are the choice for high quality applicants. Most of the ladies in our agency have been referred to us. We only accept women that have a genuine interest in finding a partner for life.

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How much does the lady have to pay to join your service?

There is never any fee's for women who register and our appearing on our website , Our surveys show that the average woman in our agency earns between $200 to $500 dollars per month, We would much rather let the lady spend her money on a new dress or feed her child if she has one, than pay a fee for using our services.

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How will I learn when new ladies join your agency?

We regularly improve and update our site and add more information into it. New ladies are joining us all the time. When we have a sufficient number of new profiles, we add them into our database. You will receive automatic notification on all updates by subscribing to our mailing list or by registering as a member.

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What guarantees do you offer?

Love itself offers very few guarantees; all the planning in the world can come to nothing if the chemistry isn't right. However, what we can guarantee is to do our best to bring you and your ladies together for correspondence and meetings that offer every possible chance for success. We have seen so many people find happiness; we know it can also happen to you

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Do you have ladies beyond what I see on the website?

Yes, almost every day we have new women visiting our office and joining our Agency. Since there are several weeks delay in adding them to the site.

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Does your agency offer tours to meet the women?

We know there are other agencies, which offer expensive group tours. These tours are very profitable for the agencies and terrible for the customers. Being herded in like cattle into ballrooms at a cost of thousands of dollars for some champagne and ego massage is not the way to meet a future wife and partner. We believe you must travel to ukraine to meet our ladies, of course, but we treat each customer individually. You can visit when you want, year round, choosing when and how to meet your ladies. Our customers appreciate this personalized service.

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Does this kind of match-making really work in your Agency?

We have absolutely no doubt, it does. I wouldn't be in this business if I weren't completely convinced that we could successfully match couples. Over the years an averages of 60% of all our women find their partners abroad. So many of our couples live happily in different foreign countries and are grateful to us for our services.

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