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Correspondence Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to exchange e-mail directly with the ladies as I would like to receive their additional photos.

Sorry, we don't allow foreign men and Ukrainian women to exchange direct e-mail addresses while they correspond using our e-mail forwarding system. BUT you can exchange phone numbers and ask for woman's e-mail address during a web-cam conversation

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Where do I send and receive my e-mails?

You may send email messages from the website while you are browsing the women's photo catalog by clicking on the "SEND ME A LETTER" link in her profile. When a woman sends you a letter, it arrives in your Inbox in the admin area of the website and then our server automatically sends you notification to let you know that you have a new letter from a lady. You then go to your mailbox on the website where you can see a list of all the incoming e-mails from women. Each e-mail will be accompanied by the woman's photo and short information; by clicking the icon or "view link you can then view there profile and bigger sized photos of the woman you choose. After reading the profile and seeing pictures you can decide whether or not you want to open the letter from this woman and find out more about her. You are not charged for letters you do not open.

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Do I have to open all of my incoming e-mails?

Absolutely not!! Before opening a letter you are able to view the woman's profile with bigger sized photos and decide whether you like this woman and want to get to know her better. Only if you are interested in this women should you open a letter of introduction from this women.

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Do I have to reply to all messages? If I do not reply will women know that I am not interested?

You do not have to reply to all messages from women. If you do not reply the women will know and understand that you are not interested in her. When a woman sends her letter of introduction to one or several men she knows that not all of them would reply to her. It is also the same when a women receive letters from men ! she will not reply to all the letters from foreign men who try to get in contact with her.

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What if a woman that I sent a letter too doesn't want to have correspondence with me? Do I loose a credit?

Yes, You lose a credit for the letter you sent.

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Can I send a photo attached with my e-mail?

You actually can not send attachments with your letters to women when you use our e-mail forwarding system. If you want to send some additional photos to a woman, you can send them as files attached to the letter. You will find 2 photo uploading area's at the bottom of the letter sending section. You can send 2 photo's with every letter at no extra charge.

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Are my e-mails translated for the women?

All the emails you send to the women are translated into Russian if the woman needs translation; all letters from women to you are also translated into English. There is no additional charge to you or the women for this service, the cost of the translation it is included into the price of each letter you send or receive.

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What about the privacy of my messages I send to women?

The agency staff who translates your correspondence will know your identity, but are professionals, accustomed to assisting in communications of the most intimate nature. And will not discuss anything you write.

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Do you allow direct contact information exchange in letters?

NO, you cannot send your postal address , E-mail addrss or telephone number's to any woman in letters through our e-mail forwarding system. But you can ask the lady for her postal addrss, The best way to get a ladies information if the woman is willing to exchange this information is through a web-cam conversation.

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Can I send my email address to a woman through a letter, so she can answer me back privately?

Sorry, no. You can ask a woman for her Postal address only, But during a Web-cam chat you can exchange any information you want.

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How do women get e-mails from me? Does a staff member phone them or e-mail them a copy ?

You send your e-mails to your chosen women, Then your e-mail message is received in our agency. Our interpreters translate your message into (Russian) and then the office manager informs the woman on the phone that a message is waiting for her. If you contact a woman for the first time together with your letter she receives your profile information and a photo of you from your profile. When your women receives your letter - women usually prefer to come to the office to pick their letters up - then the woman is able to write a response immediately in the office or she might want to think it over at home and then bring her reply to you later to be translate and forwarded to you. Sometimes your letters can be read over the phone, so she can start thinking about her answer to you.

When I open a letter and read it I am charged. Ok, but if I close it to answer it later am I charged again for the same letter?

No! If you opened a letter once, the status of the letter is changed to "opened" and you will never charged for reading it again. But sometimes mistakes happen! Just let us know.

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When I write a letter I get a message, letter not sent. Okay, what does that mean? I have plenty of credits.

The system doesn't allow you to send a new letter to the same woman within 2 minutes after you sent your first letter to her - this way we save you from sending duplicates letters. But if you want to make sure you're letter was received you can contact us and we will confirm that your letter has been received. Another way to check is to check your "outbox" (there you will see the letter you just sent). Also this will occur when you try to send photos that are to large. The correct size for photos you can send is avaliable next to the photo uploading in the letter sending area.

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I would like to know if there is a limit to the number of words or characters allowed when emailing a lady for the cost.

Yes, it is 3000 characters (two sheets of paper when the letter is printed). If your letter exceeds this number of characters, you will be asked to make it shorter or divide it.

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I tried sending a letter but it does not show in my out box or that my account has been charged a credit.

If the letter is not in your "outbox" and your payment history has no records about this letter, it means the letter was not sent. Possible problems: there was something wrong with the server right at the moment you sent the letter, or your letter was too long. Though we have a limit of 3000 characters for each letter sent by a man, we have faced the following problem: our client tries to send a letter or part of his letter in Russian, and due to the settings for the encoding each Russian letter acquires several digits code, which make 1 Cyrillic letter 7 characters. So, the letter becomes too long (about 7 times longer); and letters of more than 3000 characters limit can't be sent. We advise you to send your letters in English.

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It seems like I am being deducted 2 credits for each letter I send, when it should be one?

It is not possible - the system works automatically, credits are deducted automatically for each letter you read and each letter you send. Besides, every letter you send or read is recorded in your payment history. If you still have doubts that you were charged twice for the same letter, please, contact us - we will check and refund you credit in this case if you were charged for a duplicate letters.

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Does the lady type her own letter to me using your equipment? I received a letter addressed to a different man, signed by another woman, and by the content of the letter I can see it was not a reply to my letter.

No, ladies do not type their messages themselves, they usually bring hand-written letters (or dictate their letters on the phone - our staff translates and types the messages, then the messages are sent to you. It is quite possible you have received completely different letter - from a different woman to a different foreign man. Mistakes can happen

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I was wondering how the translations are made for the ladies and me. Are the letters translated by computer, or are they translated by human translators, or maybe some combination of both? I'm curious because I have read that computer translations are very rough and don't have the same flow as the original letter.

It is our rule's and our policy that all letters are human translated. You are very right about computer translations - they are "word by word" translations, the programs takes the first meaning of the word from a dictionary, which sometimes makes a sentence senseless (especially if we take into consideration the word-order and different grammar structures in Russian and English).

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How can you assure me and other men that if we write several ladies, our private letters will not be shown to various ladies who may know each other?

We can promise that the agency staff will not tell the girls that they get letters from the same men - first of all we understand that men and women want to keep their relations in private, and also because our financial profit depends on the number of letters men send to women - the more letters men write the more our profit is. If we tell our women that this man writes to every single woman in the agency, The women will not reply to such men, and we will lose our profit. But we can't make sure that women do not share information about the letters they get themselves: often they bring their friends to the agency to search for a foreign man, we have sisters as our clients, and of course we can't forbid them from sharing there experience of communication with this or that man.

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How does the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 in the USA affect your services on correspondence? It was signed into law Jan. 6, 2006 and became effective March 6, 2006.

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 imposes restrictions on communication between our women-clients and foreign men: according to the new Law there should not be any contact between a foreign woman (a client of the marriage agency) and a man from the United Sates before the man disclosed, and the woman read US client's background information, such as marital history, information about children, arrests or convictions. The marriage agency is the party that is responsible for collecting of this information from the US client and passing it to the women client in her native language. There are civil and criminal penalties on the broker for violations of this Law. But, this is the Law of the USA and it applies to US companies owned and operated in the USA, (even if they have a matchmaker subsidiary or sub-division abroad.) It would likely be very difficult to enforce this law on a non-US company. Since our agency is officially registered in Ukraine, the penalties by this Law can't be imposed on us, thus we continue delivering our services the way we did it, we do not forbid US clients to exchange direct contact information with the women through web-cam chats, But do through letters.

A Copy of the International marriage broker act for your reference

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