I am making the first step to you and I want to hope that after reading this letter you will not be able to forget me, you will want to know my personality, my character and my inner world, we will share our life experience, our dreams and plans for the future. I know that it is not easy to find your true love, your destiny but if we met with you here, it is a sign for both of us! I want to hope your intentions are as serious as mine, life goes so fast, I wake up each morning and feel loneliness, I feel that I miss so important part in my life, it is of course love, it is warm words of joy and happiness! I do not want to be single any more, thatís why I have decided to join this site. My expectation is big; I have a faith to find you very soon! I can imagine that there are many beautiful women that also want to find their soul mate; it is hard to make your final choice, to decide whom to choose. However, I never give up, I still believe in magic! My life will be my magic, my magic that will be filled of love! I will do everything for my love, for my future! I have a lot of plans and projects in the life, but my priority is my future family. Maybe you know that Slavic women are very family-oriented, I am not the exception! I am caring and attentive; I am always ready to help my close friends, my parents. And I feel that I will be a very good mother and wife! Our communication will become a start of a new story in our life! I hope the most important story! We will make it happy and bright! We will do everything to be together, to have the life we deserve! I am very optimistic and positive and I know that I am moving in the right direction now! I am waiting for you here! Write to me soon! Warmly yours, Juliya